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Flings: Host Client w/HTML5!

vmwareflingsI’m a little slow on the draw on this one but if you aren’t aware of VMware Labs Flings page please allow me to introduce you to it.  The VMware Labs page refers to itself as a place where their engineers release their tools or pet projects as known as “Flings” that don’t make it into the full product releases.

My favorite Fling is of course the ESXi Embedded Host Client which was recently updated and allows you to access your ESXi hosts via HTML5 through your browser!  This is very useful when you need to quickly access multiple ESXi hosts if for example vCenter goes down.

The setup was breeze and just a simple vib install on the ESXi host.  One thing to note is if you are running the 5.x version you need to use a double slash in the address as explained on the Summary page.

Sample screenshot from lab ESXi host after install: ESXi01.png